How does Mcdonald's crew facilitate me?

The team of every McDonald's restaurant is sociable, friendly, and devoted to serve you the best.

How is McDonald's drive-thru experience?

At McDonald's Drive Thru you can experience the quickest drive-thru service in town.

What is McDonald's doing for the society?

McDonald's is proudly involved in many programs towards developing the country. That is why McDonald's is famous for being a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility in each country of operation.

How is McDonald's contributing towards a greener environment?

McDonald's realizes its responsibility towards environment. That's why it has switched to unbleached paper napkins made from recycled materials. Find out more about our other environmental initiatives in our CSR section.

Can I calculate Nutrition in McDonald's food?

Our Nutrition Chart tells you how much calories you are taking in. Nutrition Chart

What's the cleanliness and hygience standard at McDonald's restaurants?

McDonald's genuinely cares for your health and safety. We make sure to keep our restaurants' kitchen, floor, furniture, washrooms and play area clean and protected by frequent mopping and cleaning done by our efficient team.

Do I have an option to celebrate a thematic birthday party?

It is possible to celebrate your birthday party according to an on-going theme at McDonald's. McDonald's offers an exciting Thematic birthday party along with Thematic gifts for Birthday Kid, Participants & Game Winners. Find out more in kids & families section.

How to get a job and be a part of McDonald's team?

We provide our employees with world-renowned training and development programs to boost their knowledge and experience. Find out about getting a job in our careers section.

How can I make my child's birthday a memorable one?

Make your child's birthday a memory to last forever by celebrating at McDonald's. Find out more in our kids section.

Is McDonald's food halal?

McDonald’s Pakistan gives you 100% assurance of providing Halal and pure food.

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