Value Meal - Crispy Chicken
Value Meal - Chicken Burger with Cheese
Value Meal - McArabia Chicken
Value Meal - Mini McRoyale
Chicken Chapli Burger with FREE Sprite
Double Chicken Chapli burger with FREE Sprite
Cheese Burger
Beef Burger
Double Cheese Burger
Big Mac
Mega Mac
Quarter Pounder
Quarter Pounder Double
Spicy Grand Chicken
Spicy Chicken Burger
Chicken Mac
McChicken with Cheese
McChicken Double
McChicken with Cheese Double
Spicy McCrispy Deluxe
Spicy McCrispy Deluxe with Cheese
McCrispy Deluxe Double
McCrispy Deluxe with Cheese Double
Chicken McNuggets 6 pcs
Chicken McNuggets 9 pcs
Chicken McNuggets 20 pcs
Filet-O-Fish Double